About Me

GENE has 25+ years experience in comic books, graphic design and fine arts. He was an original purveyor and participant at San Diego Comic-Con very first 'Digital Comic Coloring Symposium'('95). He has been a colorist, editor, creative director, and designer for independent, mainstream comics and entertainment companies. His comic book client list includes:

  • American Mythology Publications: Stargate Atlantis and Universe (current), HATCHET (current) Pink Panther, Devil Dogs
  • Action Lab: Puppet Master Alternate 'Kill Covers' series w/ Penciler/Inker Andrew Mangum
  • Amryl Entertainment: Cavewoman
  • Dynamite Publishing: Aliens vs. Vampirella NYCC exclusive cover
  • Lightning Comics: Hellina, Sinthia, Creed, The Four Kunichi
  • Mushroom Comics: Inner Circle, FutureTech
  • Mystic Comics: Araknis, Tribal Force
  • Image Comics: Savage Dragon, Weapon Zero
  • Flamehead Comics
  • KISS Magazine Comics
  • Serial Properties: Betty Boop, Garfield, Big Daddy Roth

He is currently actively seeking comic book projects to give color and his creative hand to.